Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation services involve the preparation of tax returns by a professional or organization, with special attention given to an organization’s financial activities for a specific period, and the compilation of all relevant invoices and documents for tax calculation.

Shadow Financial Services understands the complexities of US taxation, which involves multiple levels of government and a wide range of tax regulations.

Our experienced team can handle all your tax preparation challenges, ensuring you save time, resources, and focus on high-income areas like tax consulting and advisory services.

What is unique about our tax return preparation services?

  • Our team comprises highly experienced and skilled tax and accounting professionals with extensive knowledge of US tax legislation.
  • We are always up-to-date with the latest updates from the US tax authorities.

Our Tax Preparation Services

With our extensive experience and timely services, we have carved a niche in providing the best taxation services for businesses across India. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Personal Tax Accounting Services
  2. Personal income tax returns for individuals
  3. Trusts and Estates
  4. Companies and Corporations
  5. Limited Liability Companies and Partnership firms
  6. Non-profit organizations
  7. Tax Research Services
  8. Scalable access to tax professionals
  9. Verified References
  10. Organized tax Knowledgebase
  11. Tax and Accounting Alerts
  12. Sales Tax Return Services
  13. Preparation and filing of Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly sales and use tax returns
  14. Calculation of monthly and quarterly sales tax liabilities
  15. Replying to state government notice for failure of any sales and use tax compliances

Small Business Tax Preparation Process at Shadow Financial Services

  1. Scan documents for tax preparation: This process begins with you or your team sending us relevant documents. Our tax professionals enter the received data into tax software.
  2. Review of tax return: Once the return details are entered, our tax professionals assess the data to check for accuracy and avoid errors in tax calculation.
  3. Client Review: After the tax return is audited by tax professionals, it is sent to the respective client for review. You can ask questions and leave comments in case of any query. You can ask for as many requests as you need.
  4. Final Tax Return Submission: After being finalized by you, the tax return is corrected and updated according to your request. The final copy of the tax return is sent to you for filing.
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