Audit Services


At Shadow Financial Services, we have a team of experienced auditors who possess in-depth knowledge and skills to handle audit services for our clients. Our audit team has primarily worked with Big-4 firms for several years and has experience auditing Indian companies, supporting US teams from India and working onshore in western countries. Over 90% of our team members have prior experience of working at a Big-4 and ~80% of our audit team is equivalent to a CPA.

We offer a wide range of audit services to cater to the needs of our clients, including:

  • External Audit
  • Financial Statements Review
  • Financial Statements Compilation
  • Financial Statement Preparation (for smaller clients)
  • Other engagements such as leasing standard consulting/implementation, etc.

Skills: Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of US GAAP & IFRS coupled with auditing methodologies practiced globally. We are adept with the risk-based audit approach and latest changes in accounting or auditing pronouncements. We can also test the design & effectiveness of internal controls, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, we have sound knowledge of specially tailored audit engagement software and data analytics tools to provide our clients with the best audit services. We can independently manage end-to-end audits with minimal support from the onshore team.

Sectors: We have a diversified portfolio of clients across different sectors. Our audit services are available to clients from the following sectors:

  • Investment Management
  • Private Equity Investment Portfolios
  • Commercial Sector
  • Real Estate
  • Employee Benefit Plans (401k contribution plans), etc.
What is the difference between an external audit and a financial statement review?

An external audit provides an opinion on the financial statements, while a financial statement review provides limited assurance.

Why should I choose Shadow Financial Services for my audit needs?

Our team comprises experienced auditors who have primarily worked with Big-4 firms, possess comprehensive knowledge and skills, and can provide you with the best audit services.

How do you ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations?

We can test the design & effectiveness of internal controls, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Can you handle audits for small clients as well?

Yes, we offer financial statement preparation services for smaller clients.

Which sectors can avail your audit services?

We offer audit services to clients from various sectors, including Investment Management, Private Equity Investment Portfolios, Commercial Sector, Real Estate, and Employee Benefit Plans (401k contribution plans), among others.

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